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Meet Brent Curtis

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

My name is Brent Curtis. I'm from Saint Cloud, Minnesota (but according to Mark, Canada). Ahh... we had a low of -59 degrees (without the wind!) two winters ago. Need I say more? For years

I have said I will live in Arizona one day. When I moved here, everyone said I would hate the summers. I think most Minnesotans would agree that 90 degrees and near 100% humidity is much worse. It's definitely a dry heat and I love it down here!

I am going on 4 years of flying experience. One of my most memorable experiences so far as a pilot was flying around the country in a Cessna 172 doing some time building (MN>FL>TX>CO>MN, MN>TX>TN>MN, MN>IL>CO>MN). My

trip included a camping trip with my dog Remi to the Apostle Islands.

Before becoming a pilot, I worked in law enforcement for 15 years, and it was just time for a change. I was also an instructor at an advanced skills driving course designed for those who drive vehicles for a living (Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Truck and Delivery Drivers, Etc.)I was also a skills instructor at a law enforcement academy for prospective cops. As a hobby, I would pick up shifts in the winter driving the Zamboni (ice resurfacer) at an indoor ice rink - nothing else to do in the

winter months but watch or play hockey! I know, what haven't I done? I was first introduced to flying by a crop dusting pilot from a small airport where I worked. He repeatedly tried to get me to get my license. The only thing that held me back was the expense. After much thought and research, I decided it was well worth the investment.

One day I would like to work for an airline. Which one? That's a really good question.

When I'm not flying, I own and operate a wedding DJ and event business back home. It all started by accident and was meant to be a hobby. But now I am doing about 30 weddings/events a year.

I have three nephews and a niece and two of the best labrador retrievers. My girl, Remi, my favorite, is 6 and my boy,

Drake, is a rescue and shy about his age, so he won't tell me. But I think he is 8.

Favorite snack? Ever since moving to the desert, water! That counts as a snack, right? I mean, mom and dad always told us to drink water when we were hungry right before dinner. Something interesting that most people may not know about me? I am hilarious, just ask me.Humor is the human attribute that means the most to me. Life is too short to be wound so tight. Laugh a little.

From the first phone call with Jordie, I felt as if I was a part of the family. She arranged a phone interview (FaceTime with Jim) from 1,800 miles away, something no other flight school in the area would do. Why Jim gambled on me, I am still not sure! That was followed by an in person interview a short time later. When I arrived at Red Rock, it felt like I was already a part of the team. I actually turned down an interview at another local school after receiving a job offer from Red Rock. The environment and culture here sells the school immediately. This is a true "ma and pa" school. Almost every new client confirms their place as a student after touring the school with Jim and Jordie. It has been only a few short months, but being a part of Jim's dream of operating a flight school, and helping it grow, has been an awesome experience.

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