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Meet Carson Ruedemann

Updated: May 7

Hey everybody, my name is Carson Ruedemann. I was born in Scottsdale Arizona, raised in Mesa, and currently living back in Scottsdale. I worked at various golf courses such as

Las Sendas, TPC Scottsdale, and Biltmore while I was in Highschool, and I was also the Varsity Captain of Boys Golf Team, with a 6 handicap.

I am currently a full time University of Arizona Student Studying Criminal Justice, and I am also Interning at Arizona

Justice Center Law Center. I'm interested in Law, Aviation Law, and Criminal Law as my backup to my flying career.

I started flying in the summer of 2019 after having an epiphany at U of A. I had been feeling

like I wanted to switch from Pre-Med to Pre-Business and saw A-10's as well as C-130's fly over, and I suddenly knew I wanted to fly then. Aviation interests me due to the practicality of the field knowledge (what you are learning has a direct application, rather than just college theories).

My dad is a Captain at American Airlines, and my mom is a Flight Attendant at Southwest, but I never really wanted to be in aviation until college. My family helped connect me to Red Rock, as my dad and Jim knew each other well. My main aviation goal is to fly international, Part 121 operations (at a major airline).

My hobbies include Golfing, studying the FAR's (Federal Aviation Regulations) and Arizona laws, cooking, weightlifting, target practice at a shooting range. Some fun places I have visited include the Eric Marcus airport in Ajo Arizona, wedged between restricted

airspaces about 27miles south of Gila Bend airport, and the Matterhorn in Switzerland!

Ribeye Steak and raw milk are my favorite delicacies. An interesting fact people may not know about me is I have a photographic memory. In my opinion perseverance in the face of adversity is most important human trait.

I have a 25 pound orange tabby cat named Clifford and 5 Blue Platy fish. I like Red Rock because of the trust and communication there.

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