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Meet Jim Samuelson

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Welcome to Red Rock Flight School. My name is Jim Samuelson, and I am the founder of our

school. I’m from Los Angeles, California. I came to Arizona to work for America West as a First Officer. I got roped in to staying when I met my dream woman, Jordie. At the time, she was a flight attendant for America West, and it didn’t take long for us to decide to get married and set up

roots in Arizona.

I’ve been flying since 1987 when I was 19 years old. I did most of my training in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Spartan School of Aeronautics. I got a position as a co pilot at Trans States Airlines and worked there for 5 years. By the time I left the company I was the Chief Instructor in the training dept. I then went to America West and moved up the

ranks from there. I am currently a Captain and Check Airman for American Airlines.

The only thing I have every wanted to be is a pilot. My first memory is sitting on my tricycle that I put wings on (I called it 'my D', I don't know why) at 3 years old watching the planes land at LAX. Like I said, I always knew I was meant to fly.

In my minimal spare time, I am a high school basketball referee. I ref games 2 to 3 times a week and love it.

I come from a family of two kids, my younger sister and I. I knew I wanted lots of kids, and have been lucky enough to have five: four beautiful, smart daughters, and a handsome, intelligent son. My two oldest kids are married to great people, and I have one grandson so far. I have loved taking my family on vacations.

One of our favorite vacations is going to Lake Powell. But nothing beats a week at Disneyland or Disney World.

We also love animals and have had many, many, many pets. Too many to count. Currently, we have 3 cats and 3 husky's. One of our husky's, Denali, comes to the office with my wife and I often.

Pink strawberry flavored sprinkled donuts are my favorite snack. I’m known

for bringing a few in to share with the staff once or twice a week. Integrity in the most important attribute to me. People who don’t have it aren’t worth my time.

I am a HUGE Disney fan. If you ever come to my home office, you will see how much of a fan I am. I have an original 1960’s Disneyland Map, an original blueprint of Disneyland before it was built, and an original

Thomas Kinkade Disney painting of Sleeping Beauty dancing with Phillip, among many, many, many other things, including original tickets! I have been to all the Disney parks in the USA more times than I can count, including a few of the ones outside the USA, and plan to keep going often for the rest of my life.

I founded Red Rock Flight School because

I wanted to be able to offer airline quality training at affordable prices. It became a dream of mine after I upgraded to Captain, and I realized I had a lot of experience and insight that I could offer to younger pilots. I believe in training the next generation to be better pilots for the future.

I want to grow Red Rock Flight School in to the go to place to learn to fly. We are already achieving that, given how successful we have been here in Arizona. I’m sure we are well on our way.

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