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Student Event 3/23

Updated: May 3

On Saturday March 23rd, Red Rock hosted their first student event in the hangar. The event was a success and all of the students that attended got to meet up with instructors, either theirs or others. The owners, Jim and Jordie, were also in attendance and got to meet their students and catch up with what their aviation goals are and where they are at in the Red Rock flight program.
Our assistant chief instructor, Matt, helped cook hot dogs, brats, and hamburgers for everyone in attendance to enjoy freely. Everyone loved the food and the laidback, family-style environment. Red Rock hopes to continue the student events every other month for current students and future students to meet instructors, owners, and other staff.

Currently another student event is in the works for either May or June. We hope to have more exciting activities and vendors at the event for students to engage with and learn more information about how to further their aviation career. We would love to hear feedback from those that attended and how we can better improve it for the future events. Please look out for a poll and questionnaire on Red Rock's Instagram page. If you are not yet following the Instagram, please do!

Red Rock's Instagram is redrockflight. The Instagram posts all sorts of exciting things such as the student and instructor of the month/week, new plane updates, maintenance updates, birthdays, check-ride passes, staff spotlights, spotlights for past students/instructors, school events, and any announcements that our students need to be aware of such as when the school closures.

The student event was organized by our advertising director Brook and our student coordinator Cloe. If you would like to make any comments about the event or suggestions for future events, please reach out to them via their emails. You can reach Brooke at and Cloe at The two of them hope that everyone that attended had a good time and that we will see you there at the next event!

Red Rock sincerely thanks everyone for attending this event and supporting Red Rock Flight School. This event and opportunity would not have been possible if it wasn't for our amazing students, staff, and instructors. We can not be more proud to call all of you our Red Rock family and we hope to make more lasting memories in the future.

Now please enjoy some photos and videos that were taken during the event by Cloe and Bridget, and others from our wonderful office staff.

Video curtesy of Cloe McDowell

Thank you again for everyone that was able to make the event! We hope to catch you all in the next one. Until then, keep flying and pursuing your dream career as a pilot and making a difference in the world of aviation!

-Red Rock Flight School and Crew

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